JANUARY 26, 2024 2-3 PM
MARCH 29, 2024 2-3 PM
MAY 31, 2024 2-3 PM
SEPTEMBER 27, 2024 2-3 PM


The Gramercy is located at 9275 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89148. This event is partially outside, so please stay hydrated and bring a bottle of water for warmer days. Dress accordingly.


Open call is held for exactly One (1) hour. We recommend arriving at the beginning to get in line first. The wait time to be photographed can be around 30-minutes if you arrive later.


You can bring 1-hard copy photo (headshot or comp card), and a resume but it is not required. Please present all materials at check-in for agent collection. Your materials will be taken upstairs to the agency and reviewed after the open call by our team. Please make sure your full name is listed on your materials.


Please arrive wearing all black (tank top, shorts, dress, t-shirt) casual and lightweight form fitted attire preferred. We want to see your physique. We prefer black since you will be photographed against a white wall. Please do not wear makeup and wear flat shoes. Wear your hair natural (no extensions), with natural nails and natural eyelashes (no eyelash extensions). You can wear a warm coat during the cold season, as long as you remove it for photos.


Open call is fast! Make sure you register online in advance by clicking the link above. Check-in at the front desk and stand in line for your photo. Our photographer will take 2-4 photos of you. Bring a hair tie if you have long hair. We may ask that you smile with and without teeth. After your photo is taken, the process is complete. This can be very fast or take up to 30-minutes depending on the length of the line.


We will only notify the people we are interested in potentially signing via email within 2-weeks from open call. Please check your junk/spam folders. You may be asked to attend tng 2nd look, where you will meet directly with the agents to discuss possible representation and contracts at that time. If you do not hear from us after open call, it is a pass at this time. Good luck!