TNG Agency is dedicated to the security and safety of our models both online and in-person. Beware of individuals impersonating TNG scouts who are not associated with our agency.

Official TNG Agency scouts will have an email ending in If you are contacted by a TNG scout on Instagram, please check our official TNG Instagram account @TNGModels to verify that our agency is following them back. If not, they are not affiliated with our agency.

Other nonaffiliated TNG representatives may attempt to solicit and exploit models on the internet through online social media platforms and e-mail. They may request images from you or try to arrange false interviews via Facetime, Skype or webcams.

TNG Agency DO NOT recruit models through e-mail solicitations. If you are solicited to engage in an online interview by anyone claiming to be a representative, agent or scout with TNG Agency, please immediately call 702-956-7711 or e-mail


Do not agree to meet with any individual claiming to work for TNG Agency outside of the agency or after normal business hours. TNG Agency representatives ALWAYS schedule first time meetings at our office located at the Gramercy in Las Vegas.

Never send nude or lingerie photos to anyone claiming to work for TNG Agency. We do not request these types of images.

Do not disclose personal information about yourself to anyone claiming to work for TNG Agency without verifying their identity first.